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Gunhead is back making paintball products!
We made the original Spyder tactical accessories as well as the only Piranha tactical stock. We even brought back accessories for the venerable VM-68.

We are now offering Version 3 of our Tippmann™ TPX™ upgrade. Zero First Strike feed issues. Get an adapter now.


TPX™ First Strike™ adapter

To address all tolerance issues people have with their TPX, we are now releasing Version 3 of the Gunhead TPX First Strike adapter. Feeding issues are a thing of the past. Now, First Strikes feed as flawlessly as regular paintballs. Accept no substitute: V3 Gunhead TPX/TiPX First Strike adapter.

This adapter replaces the internal barrel adapter block inside the TPX™ and will allow the use of your favorite brand of .68 caliber paintball as well as first strike rounds from modified TPX™ magazines.

Once you go first strike™, it is hard to go back to regular paintballs in the backup piece.

To use the new adapter block, the standard 7 round clips must be modified to feed first strike™ rounds into the gun. This modification takes about 10 minutes with an X-acto knife and a file or sandpaper. Installation and clip-mod tutorials are coming soon. We will email you info about modifications in the meantime.

Give me an adapter already, right?

V3 TPX/TIPX First Strike adapter $30

You get a single Gunhead TPX™ adapter block to give the gun the ability to shoot Tiberius Arms™ First Strike™ rounds.

SALE TPX/TiPX First Strike clip $18

The TPX™ First Strike clip is CNC machined to ensure that First Strike™ rounds feed every time.
Allows for
- 6-7 First Strike rounds
- 7 regular paintballs

You get one completely modified, assembled, and tested Gunhead TPX™ First Strike clip.


Videos & Pictures Coming soon

How To Mod a Clip

Download the
how-to guide for modifying a
TPX clip to use First Strike rounds

Updates & Tips

UPDATE: Version 3 of our TPX/TiPX First Strike adapters are now available. All feeding issues have been resolved. Currently, the original bolt spring will be needed.


TIPS: Use a label maker to mark the bottom and sides of your modded clips for easy identification at a glance.

Shipping & Leadtime

- Current Leadtime : Zero Business days.
- Shipping Price: $6.90 Domestic USA
- Shipping method : UPS, Fedex, or USPS
Please allow up to 5 days transit time. Both methods are trackable.
- Expedited shipping available: 2-day for additional fee.

- International Orders outside Canada please email