Gunhead about us

Our Mission

The Gunhead MachineWerks CNC lathe conversion is built upon the tough and dependable, Sieg 7x platform. The CNC upgrade is designed and built by engineers with the highest quality components. No hunting for parts, no custom pieces, complete and ready to bolt on. The Gunhead lathe is a purposely overbuilt machine geared toward volume production. We understand that the Gunhead lathe is not for everyone. We know that you have a choice, and that our lathe may be a bit much for the occasional user or hobbyist.  However, if you demand the highest quality with no hassles, think Gunhead.

Future Products

Additions to the 7x CNC Lathe, Gunhead Stepper Drivers, Control Pendants, and more.. Stay tuned.


Why You Choose Us

Why would we bother converting a 7x lathe?
We will tell you how good these machines really are. But first, a little history.

When Gunhead started, nothing we were fabricating  required a bigger machine than the 7x. As our business grew, so did our need for machine tools. Amongst other machines, we just bought more 7x lathes and set them up as stations, each 7x being dedicated to one or two operations.  Normal duties aside, we used those machines for things you wouldn’t, or shouldn’t normally use a lathe for.  The idea was to buy them because they were so inexpensive and use them until they were no longer serviceable. It never happened. Those machines were used every day for hours on end, and those 7x's took it all in stride. They were and continue to be the most reliable and rugged machines we use here at Gunhead. We have quite a bit of respect for these machines, and for good reason. No other machine or tool we own, can approach the return on investment of our 7x lathes.


Who is a CNC lathe good for
-robot  builders
-flashlight builders
-model  builders
-machine shops
-anybody who can make use of superhuman precision, repeatability and productivity