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See “Who We Are”.

Technical :

Our leadscrews are 0.5" diameter 10 TPI with an accuracy of 0.0006” per foot.

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The material you are turning will dictate how quickly you will move the axis. For demonstration purposes, we have gone as fast as 60 inches per minute.

The X-Axis uses a 260oz/in. motor, the Z-Axis uses a 475oz/in. motor. Both motors are NEMA 23 frame size.

From an “on paper” standpoint, the machine has a resolution of 0.0005” per step. Our own observations show a deviation of 0.0005 to 0.001 from part to part.

There are no skate bearings in use on our kits & machines. The X-Axis uses two, angular contact bearings. The Z-Axis uses a combination of thrust and roller bearings.

An anti-backlash nut eliminates play on each axis. These AB nuts eliminate backlash as effectively as a double ball-nut.

There are several reasons we don’t use servos, simplicity being the main one. Steppers are simpler to use. Servos systems require tuning. This tuning can be very frustrating and tedious.

Back driving. The forces applied to the tool tip would have the tendency to back drive the entire system, which is the quickest way to inaccuracy. With the setup of precession leadscrew and anti-backlash nut that the Gunhead 7x Lathe & kit uses, there is absolutely no possibility of backdriving what so ever. And the modest functional improvement that ballscrews may or may not give, are not worth the additional expense.

General :

You can create whatever you would normally machine in a lathe plus many things you couldn’t normally do.

Capacity. The Sherline and the Taig are nice machine’s to be sure, but they aren’t really comparable to the 7x. The 7x is simply a much larger machine, capable of far heavier work than the Taig or Sherline.

The 7x is, in our opinion, the most useful and cost effective piece of machinery we have ever used. See “Who We Are”. Our 7x lathes have delivered better returns than ever expected and have proved themselves time and time again.

Our kits & completed units come with limit switches on each axis. Currently we offer no home switches.

You could, however, the limits don’t have anything you would call repeatable accuracy and their use as home switches is not recommended.

Cost. It would add considerable cost. It would be nice to have, but ultimately it is unnecessary. An automated tailstock may be available in the future.

The Gunhead machine is based on the robust 7x, you can cut whatever you want with it.

This machine was made to run constantly in a production environment and with high speed spinning hand-wheels and awkward changeovers, the decision was made to forgo manual operation.

Of course. If you are making more than one of anything, then most definitely. Once your machine is setup and you have a G-Code program, you can make 1 or 1000 identical parts in a comparatively short period of time. A human operator could not match the accuracy and repeatability of the CNC lathe. Also, once a program is written and confirmed, you can machine that same identical part today or a year from now.

Yes. You can cut contours, tapers and threads with it. You can even cut perfect hemispheres with it.

Kit :

You should use a dedicated desktop system. We do not recommend using a laptop.

Should you need help with your installation, email us and we will respond promptly.

You need a computer with a parallel port and CNC software.

You need a computer with a parallel port, CNC software, a 7x lathe and a power drill.

Currently no and it is unlikely that this will be offered as an option in the future.